Brief Question and Answer page.

Q: How I shall be a joint venture (JV) partner of Zee Garden ?

A: lawyers from Zee Garden side and your designated lawyer on your side will prepare all joint venture documents.

Q: How I shall receive remuneration / profit for my investment ?

A: Zee Garden CPA [Certified Public Accountant] will disburse fund directly to your bank account every month, quarter, year as agreed in JV and applicable by law.

Q: Can I open a Bank account in USA ?

A: Yes you can. You can open a non-resident account with any major Bank in USA, like CITI, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and many other banks.

Q: Can I get a visa to travel to USA after the Joint Venture is completed ?

A: Yes officially you can. However, you will need, all joint venture document, Financial Investment papers from CPA and AUDITORS of Zee Garden, Your own financial solvency, and any other document the USA Embassy may request you to submit to approve your visa application.

Q: Can I get immigration to USA after the JV is completed ?

A: Yes you can. However, the present regulation states that, you will invest total of one million dollars or more of your fund in the USA. The business where you invested must create ten jobs for US citizens. If you qualify your entire family [excluding children above 21 years age] can migrate to USA.

Foreign investors qualify for permanent residency [and eventually citizenship] in USA.

Q: Can I monitor business activity, financial activity thru Internet ?

A: Yes, you can. All business activity can be monitored live remotely. All financial activity will be updated and uploaded frequently by CPA and can be accessed by username and password.

Q: Is this investment is one time only ?

A: No. You will receive information on our new site opening. You can then decide to invest in those projects.

Q: How I can withdraw my investment ?

A: As soon as we receive your investment withdrawal request, we shall place your share for sale in the market thru our asset procurement, sales, and marketing department and third party brokers. Sale proceeds from your share will be deposited to your bank getting processed thru our lawyers, CPAs, and Auditors.

Q: What is the failure rate of Hotel Venture in USA ?

A: Less then five percent as compared to ninety percent in Restaurant venture.

Q: What is the occupancy rate of hotels in USA?

A: Average round the year, considering all different locations, and different price range; varies fifty five percent to seventy five percent per year.

Q: Who decide the Room rate ?

A: The business owners based on demand and competition. Room rates are variable round the years based on occasion, season, demand, location, and competition around.

Q: How investment fund will be sent to USA

A: All funds must arrive in USA thru official banking channel to the trust account of lawyers or directly to the trust accounts of Title Company in favor of the proposed JV.

Q: Will Zeegarden plan to develop site in Asia ?

A: Presently we are focused in the USA the largest lodging, leisure, and hospitality market of the world under one country. However, we are scouting sites in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Q: Did Zeegarden complete its facility design.

A: Yes, prototype design has been completed. This will be customize based on specific site, size, target guest, business volume etc.

Q: Can I sell my share to others ?

A: Yes, you can. However, it must be processed thru Zeegarden lawyers, CPAs, and auditors.

Q: Where specific Zeegarden now plan to build ?

A: In general, Zeegarden is now focusing to build facility in tourist destinations in USA. We have scouted a number of tourist destination sites in USA. More specifically, the next site is opposite to the Marriott Fairfield Inn, in the town of Williams, serving a portion of the five million National and International tourist coming to visit Grand Canyon every year.

Q: Do Zeegarden have any rule to exclude an Investor?

A: Zeegarden will not discriminate any investor in terms of Race, Nationality, religion, age, and gender. We will like to partner with people with enthusiasm, vision, energy, and fun loving.

Q: In USA, who are mainly involved in this business?

A: Second third generation typical Americans, first generation Indians [Specially from Gujarat], Pakistanis, and East European countries.

Q: How difficult it is to manage this business?

A: Fist generation immigrants without much knowledge of local Language and culture are managing this business very successfully for the past fifty years all over USA.

Q: How is the racism in USA?

A: In our opinion, you can have a home away from your home preserving your believe and culture if you want in USA. Sporadic racist incident is lowest in USA compared to many other first world countries accepting regular migration of people.

Q: How Challenging it is to get fund.

A: One of the easiest sources of funding from non-banking sector is available in this industry. This is because it is based on Real Estate that can be mortgaged and failure rate is relatively very low. There are hundreds of private funding source in addition of Banks.

Q: What is the interest rate and amortization period ?

A: Average Interest rate varies from six to nine percent. Amortization period varies from ten, fifteen, up to twenty years.

Q: What is the life span of a new project ?

A: Bank assumes first life of thirty years. But, there are well managed and regularly updated facilities in operations for over 50 years.

Q: What is the Tax rules and regulation in this business?

A: Just like any other business you need to collect tax for City, County, State as per law outside your sales price and send the proceed monthly, quarterly as per law. In addition every business must file TAX every year.