The Entrepreneurs have experience in all level of this business namely design, construction, operation, and management.

Finding the optimal location for a facility is the most important factor in this business. The Entrepreneurs are aware of the factors to determine site selection.

New Facilities development is the largest, close to 80% of total investment portion in this business. This investment in terms of location, size, and amenities must be correct and optimum for the eventual long-term success of the business. The location must also be Tax friendly with good law and order and available employees. The Entrepreneurs have researched the facility development mode, method, size, and related cost. This company has researched the target sites, target customers, target customer need, target customer budget, and thus developed a method to optimize the size of the facility. This will result a facility to be built with optimum number of rooms and amenities available to rent round the year to the target customer.

Informative links for reference only Home Depot,Lowes


The entrepreneurs have researched the various reasons why lodging facilities deteriorate with time. The conventional daily up-keep and the so-called every 5 or 7 years through away all the amenities is not the answer. This company will separate the facility maintenance from the facility operations group. It will be the job of the facility maintenance group to maintain the facility on a routine continuous basis to keep it updated and minimize its deterioration


Only highly professionals will be engaged to deliver high quality service to the customers. New customer satisfaction oriented services will be introduced using both on site personnel and electronic technology. There will be full time customer reception at the door in each facility. Reservation system will allow the customers to dynamically view the room, select the room, reserve the particular room, pay for the room, and print out the reservation. The customer can get the room keys from the key dispenser at check-in. All customers will be assigned a “Frequent Sleeper” number for all future reservation, promotions, and discounts automatically.