Welcome to Zee Garden

We are welcoming Sponsor Partners to the proposed Zeegarden Project. 

We like to start a conversation with people of faith, courage, vision, and who can think beyond themselves.

Why Hospitality Industry

We have selected this industry based on our experience, like to serve others, work and live in a positive, fun, and happy environment

Why Invest in USA

We are involved in hospitality industry for several years in USA.

We have explored and learned the trade here from A to Z. We find this place has tremendous potential for this industry. However, we are interested to do similar business elsewhere in the world…


Advise: Anything related to this site; only contact directly with Zakir Shah. 
do not have any agent or associate to represent me. I will not be responsible if others misguide you. Thanks.

Greetings to those………………..Who believe and obedient……….. spiritually aware………….know where we eventually end-up………………………… share, not just gather wealth ……………………………..God Willing, I invite you to join in the development, operation, and management of the next generation of Lodging, Hospitality, and Entertainment industry. We develop lodging facility, which create a welcoming calm environment. Our hospitality will enrich the life of our guest. Our food is part of entertainment. Life is finite, short, and precious. Do not be lazy living a laidback life pondering on the past and anxious for the future. Take action today. Be confident and courageous to do the right thing in the right time.

In this business you will live in the best, beautiful, and most exciting places on earth. You will meet and greet the people who come here to spend with joy. They enjoy every moment in the facility relaxing in a nice, healthy, and happy environment with the best music, food, and drink around. Blessed are those who find themselves always in this type of environment. You can be that person living a life full of joy surrounded by happy people.

You are welcome, if this is the life you can visualize for yourself. You are welcome to join a group of people with mutual love, respect, trust, reliability, and faith. Your work will be rewarded. You will prosper without anxiety. You will win with a team. You are welcome to be a part of Zeegarden.

The entire investment is more than 100% protected by Insurance. Insurance is compulsory by law. No business can be operated without insurance.

Warm Regards.
Your friend

Zakir Shah

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If you would get ahead, be a bridge……………………

What you see in yourself is what you see in the world……………                                                                                                                 


Accountant and Financial Planner in New York

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